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If you die without a trust in place, your estate will probably subject to probate administration.  This can be a time consuming and expensive process; not to mention such cases and their records are open to the public.

Administration is the process of transferring the decedent's assets to the persons or institutions entitled to receive them. This process may or may not be supervised by the court. The vast majority of California estates require no court supervision.

The three main functions of administration are:

(1) Collection of assets: To protect the interests of those who may have a claim against the estate by providing for collection of the decedent's real and personal property, as well as debts due him or her.

(2) Payment of debts and taxes: To require creditors to present their claims within a prescribed period, so that liabilities of the estate are promptly determined with relative certainty. Creditors may assert their rights, and claims may be rejected by the representative or the court. Probate likewise provides a method of determining state and federal taxes due because of death.

(3) Distribution of the estate: To provide a means of determining the persons entitled to receive the decedent's property. Under California law, if someone dies without a will, title to the decedent's property vests in his or her heirs or legatees at the time of death, subject to possession by the representative and control by the court for purposes of administration.